3 Homemade Herbal Treatments For Keeping Bedbugs Out Of Your Bedroom

After waking up several mornings in a row with tiny bites on your body, you may suspect you have bed bugs. If you have confirmed this fear with a thorough search of your bedroom, you may wonder if there are any natural ways you can keep them away. Below are three homemade, herbal methods you can try for small populations of the unwanted pests.

Heat-Infuse Your Bed Linens With Eucalyptus Oil

Bed bugs tend to scurry away from the scent and flavor of eucalyptus oil. When you heat-infuse your bed linens with it, you are not only killing any current insects but are also preventing any new ones from snuggling in your covers. You can find the essential oil in herbal shops, pharmacies, and some department stores.

In the center of a small, cotton washcloth, add 20 drops of the oil. Allow it to soak in for 30 minutes before using it. Add more drops for each dryer load.

Strip your bed of all blankets, comforters, and pillows. Place each of them in the dryer along with the washcloth.  Turn the heat on the highest setting and run the load for 45 minutes to kill the bugs and let the oil penetrate the fibers.

Use Lavender Oil To Keep Them Out Of Your Bed

While the fragrance of lavender may be a pleasing and relaxing scent for you, it will make bed bugs run for the hills. There are two ways to effectively use the oil to your advantage to keep the pests out of your bed.

The first method is to treat your headboard with the oil. Since the bugs like to hide in the cracks and crevices, this will make their hiding place less desirable. Use a cotton ball with a few drops of oil added to rub the corners of the board. Then, use a cotton swab to run the oil along any cracks.

The second method is to spray your mattress and box springs with lavender water. After thoroughly vacuuming the surfaces, add 30 drops of oil to a spray bottle filled halfway with warm water. Spray a light mist on the entire surface, paying particular attention to the corners.

After letting the cloth dry for a half an hour, repeat the application. Let it dry once again and replace the linens you treated in the first section.

Keep Herbal Sachets In Your Dresser Drawers

Bed bugs are not only found in your bed. They can also take up residence in your dresser drawers, especially in the corners. You can keep them out of your dresser by placing an herbal sachet in each drawer. The herbs can be found in your kitchen cabinets, grocery stores, and herbal shops.

For each sachet you wish to make, you will need a small muslin bag or a thin piece of fabric with the ends tied together with yarn. You will also need a small bowl to mix the herbs.

In the bowl, combine together whole cloves, two tablespoons of dried lavender, one tablespoon of dried thyme, one tablespoon of rosemary and one crushed bay leaf. Then, tear open an unused black walnut tea bag and add the contents. 

Place the herbs into the sachet and put it in the drawer. Try to put it in the back center. The sachets can be replaced every two months or when their fragrance looses it potency.

The above methods will keep the bed bugs away from your bedroom. However, if you find that your room or house is being overrun by them, you may want to contact a pest control service. They can inspect your entire home and can recommend the best course of action to get rid of them permanently. Check out sites like http://chem-wise.com to find professionals near you.

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