Higher-End Features To Look For At Storage Facilities

You're going to move most of your stuff to a storage facility while you go off on a new adventure. You're hoping to find a storage company that goes above and beyond the norm when it comes to various features. For instance, you want a climate-controlled unit and a facility that has excellent surveillance cameras. You may be surprised and pleased to discover the broad range of additional extra amenities that certain storage companies offer.

Free Equipment Rental

A storage company may provide carts and dollies at no charge to make your move easier. The company may have blankets for you to drape around your wood furniture to prevent scratches during transport. Of course, you'll need to return all these supplies in the same condition when you finish. 

Some companies even provide a free local truck rental when you sign a contract for a certain length of time. The company may have its own moving trucks or have a contract with one of the local movers.

Low-Cost Moving Supplies

You'll still need to buy some of your moving supplies if you don't already have them on hand. You may be able to get these items at a better price from the storage company than you would from a retailer. Sturdy boxes of various sizes, packing tape, bubble wrap, padding and labels are some of the items these companies sell.

Extra Security

High-resolution video surveillance cameras and plenty of lighting are important features on your list. You also can rent a unit at a facility that has entry gates with electronic keypads requiring codes for access. Individual unit door alarms also may be standard. Motion lights turn on at specific areas when the sensor detects movement.

Although less common, some facilities have a manager who lives on site and can keep an eye on things. 

Extra Climate Control

You want a unit with heating and cooling features when the temperatures reach certain levels. Did you know that some storage facilities offer dehumidifying as well? In certain climates, air conditioning can't always get the humidity down to an optimum level. If you have any valuable belongings that are sensitive to humidity, you'll be glad to have this feature. 

Upscale Architectural Features

Storage facilities typically have included long rows of units that look like metal garages. They are often located outside of municipalities where enough land is available and where residents of city neighborhoods won't try to block their construction. 

Increasingly, storage facilities are constructed within the city proper. Instead of long rows of metal buildings, there are many smaller buildings in a pattern resembling an apartment community or university residence halls. The buildings might feature decorative brick or another attractive material on the exterior. There may be a luxurious office area in front of these units.

This isn't just an aesthetic advantage. Would-be burglars are less likely to approach a facility with this kind of appearance because it looks occupied as well as upscale. The facilities also aren't as isolated as storage units have been historically.

Payment Options 

You may want to have different payment options, some of which offer a discount. If you like paying your bills online and the storage company not only offers this option but has a discount for doing so, no doubt this is appealing. Discounts for paying for a certain length of time upfront also will be welcome if you know you'll need the unit for a while. 

Concluding Thoughts 

The trend for storage facility companies is to offer more and better amenities, especially since so many customers now rent units on a long-term basis. You may not be able to get every single one of these superb features at the storage facility of your choice, but you might get the ones you most want.

Make a list of the features you must have and those you prefer. Then contact companies in your area to find out which are most suitable for your needs. Click here for more information.

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