10 Overlooked Yet Extremely Useful Moving Supplies For The Self-Mover

If you're moving to a new location without the help of professional movers, extra care and planning may be needed. You may have already gathered some of the essentials, such as moving boxes, bubble wrap and packaging tape. However, there are other equally useful moving supplies you may have overlooked. Everything from furniture blankets to hand trucks may be purchased or rented to make the move easier and protect your belongings.

When you decide to forgo the expense of professional movers, you'll find there's more to self-moving than rounding up a few buddies, storage totes and packing paper. To avoid damage (to yourself and your belongings) here are 10 moving supplies/tools that you may find very useful:

1. Loading Ramp

If you have heavy equipment to transport to a truck or van, a loading ramp may be helpful. The ramp will make it easier to load a golf cart, lawnmower, powered wheelchair or industrial equipment. Look for a ramp made with aluminum construction and steel hinges for durability. Many fold for easy storage.

2. Furniture Dolly and Hand Truck

Some of the 4-wheeled dollies can support the weight of a 900 pound piano. The dimensions are typically about 18"x30" for this design. For transporting appliances, consider an appliance dolly that converts to an upright hand truck. Most are equipped with a nylon belt for fastening.

3. Flat Screen TV Foam Cover and Cardboard Panels

This is often sold as a two-piece set. To prevent damage to your flat screen TV or monitor, the foam cover will wrap around the screen. For added protection, the kit may include bubble wrap.

4. Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

You attach the strap to your forearm for assistance when moving heavy items. This handy aid includes two straps, helpful for a two-man job. The adjustable straps reduce the weight of the item being lifted, offering better leverage. It may also help prevent scratches to heavy items, as the furniture is less likely to drag across the ground.

5. Mattress Bags

It's not a good idea to place your mattress in the van or truck without encasing it first. Doing so may expose your sleeping surface to moisture, dirt, allergens and insects. Choose a seal-able mattress bag that encases the mattress and box spring completely. If you can find one with antimicrobial protection, all the better.

You'll find sizes for twin/full mattresses, typically measuring about 54"x10"x86". A queen/king size bag will generally measure 76"x10"x90". If you have a pillow-top mattress, measure the height to be sure it will fit.

6. Chair and Couch Covers

These plastic covers will protect your upholstered chairs and sofas. Look for waterproof materials. Polyethylene is durable and will resist moisture and tears.

7. Dust Covers for Your Electronics

Your valuable computer, audio system and other electronic equipment is subject to dust and moisture during the move. Protect your investment with inexpensive dust covers. In addition, don't forget to cover your barbecue grill or smoker with a water-repellent PVC-type material.

8. Furniture Blankets

Obviously, you'll want to protect your tables, desk and other furniture from scratches during transit. Furniture blankets will do just that. Additionally, many blankets are made with a thermal material to insulate. This is helpful during extreme temperatures, to prevent damage from moisture or heat.

9. Dehumidifying Crystals

This is typically sold in a plastic tub or gallon container. The silica gel crystals will help absorb moisture. It's a smart option when storing garments and wardrobe items during a move. In addition to removing moisture, the crystals help eliminate odors.

10. Miscellaneous "Office" Supplies

The following supplies for your move may be found in office supply stores. Pick up blank and "Fragile" labels to label your moving boxes, a permanent marker (also for labeling needs), a clipboard to organize your "To-Do" list, and a box cutter to open your cartons once you've moved.

The hassle of moving can be greatly reduced when having the supplies on hand. Think ahead and gather your moving supplies well in advance. For more information on the necessary supplies, contact a moving company.

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