Improve Your Chance Of Renting After An Eviction With These Steps

A past eviction from a rental property can make it challenging to pass the background test that is often a part of securing a rental unit. Regardless of the reason for your eviction, you may find yourself looking for another apartment or home to rent. When you submit your application and agree to the background check, don't try to hide your past eviction. Instead, own up to it when you speak to the rental agent, and take these steps to improve your chance of your application successfully passing.

Get A Letter From Your Previous Rental Agent

In some cases, there are extenuating circumstances that may cause an eviction. If your previous rental agent or superintendent knew that this was the case with your situation, you may wish to have him or her write a letter explaining this fact. You can then use this letter with your new rental application to show that the reason for your eviction was an isolated incident. For example, perhaps you lived in a firmly non-smoking unit and your former partner smoked while you were away at work. This incident may be cause for eviction, but doesn't really suggest that you're a bad tenant. As such, a letter may help your application.

Offer To Pay More Than First And Last Month

It's customary, upon securing a rental apartment or home, to pay the first and last month of the rent. If you believe that your rental agent will be concerned about your past eviction, you may offer to pay more than these two months' worth of rent. For example, if your budget allows it, suggest paying three or four months' worth of rent up front. This shows that you're serious about being approved and about being a good tenant.

Show Proof Of How Your Income Has Changed

Some people may be evicted for failing to pay the rent. If this was the cause of your eviction, it might have been a result of a low income. If you've since secured a better job and are earning more money, you can show proof of this positive change in your income. When you submit your new rental application, provide financial records that show how much you were earning at the time of your eviction, as well as financial records that show much you're currently earning. If there's a significant difference, and you explain the reason for your eviction was financial, the rental agent may be more keen to accept your application.

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