House Hunting: 3 Tips For Finding A Riviera-Style Home Anywhere

Riviera is a popular style for home architecture and décor. It invokes the feeling of warmth while still maintaining charm and function. Combining the best of outdoor and indoor living, riviera style homes are warm, open, and full of personality that fits the needs of families across the globe—not just those living in the french riviera. 

So how can you find a home that evokes the cozy atmosphere of the riviera? Be on the lookout for these three essential riviera architectural details while house-hunting.

1. Enclosed Outdoor Living Areas

Perhaps one of the most iconic architectural details of the riviera style is the combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Homes on the riviera typically feature enclosed outdoor living spaces, so be on the lookout for homes that feature these. The outdoor living spaces can be enclosed by glass or simple screens.

House hunters that live in a climate that feature all four seasons should look for outdoor living spaces that feature both glass and screens, as this will allow the use of the space year-round.

2. Stone and Stucco Elements

Another popular feature of classic riviera style homes is the prominent use of stone and stucco. These natural elements make the home feel warm and cozy. These materials also make each home unique, which is something that is truly priceless.

House hunters in warmer areas should have no problems finding stucco or stone elements. However, those living in cooler climates will likely have issues. Luckily, you can always add a stucco or stone element to the home after purchase if desired. Simply redoing the chimney in stone or stucco will get the job done.

3. Unique Stairways

Before the renaissance of the riviera, most homes were only a single level. However, that all changed when the riviera style began to take off. Searching for homes with multiple levels is a must for anyone wanting a classic riviera style home. Unfortunately, multiple levels alone won't evoke the feeling of the riviera so be on the lookout for homes that feature unique stairways.

Ideally, house hunters should look for a spiral stairway. If that cannot be found, any grand-style stairway will do. Large banisters, unique shapes, and quaint features (such as hidden storage) all work well to mimic the riviera style.

Riviera style homes are quaint, charming, and quite elegant. Whether searching for a small single-bedroom cottage or a large family home, house hunters can easily find their dream riviera style home anywhere by following these simple tips.

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