Seemingly Innocent Things That Will Be Flagged During a Home Inspection

It's a good idea to make sure that your home is in proper shape when you list it for sale. You may begin to receive offers quickly, and the arrival of an offer conditional on a home inspection means that the interested buyer will be arranging for his or her home inspector to visit your property. This won't leave you with time to address the potential problems that could scare buyers away. As you evaluate the work that needs to be done, you may notice some seemingly innocent things that you initially feel like overlooking. On their own, these things won't likely scare a buyer away, but collectively, they may make buyers feel that there's too much work to be done. Here are some of these small issues.

Uneven Stones in Your Front Walk

Walkways settle over time, and that means that your front walkway may have some stones that are higher than others. This can seem like a very minor issue, but you should count on a buyer's home inspector highlighting this situation in his or her report. This is because uneven stones can be a tripping risk, resulting in an injury to a resident or a visitor—and this concern could get in the way of your ability to sell your home for your desired price.

No GFCIs Around Sinks

Homes are supposed to be equipped with ground-fault circuit interrupter outlets around sinks. Most homes have this feature, but not every home does. You might dismiss this as not being important. After all, maybe you don't use a hair dryer and so are never at risk of holding an electronic device in the bathroom that you could drop in the sink and be shocked by. However, the home inspector will certainly flag this issue as being important due to the potential shock risk.

Sinks That Drain Slowly

You may have one or more sinks that drain slowly, and this might not seem like a big deal if you believe there's a buildup of hair in the sink drains. Furthermore, you may expect that this issue would be overlooked during the home inspection, but this isn't apt to be the case. Home inspectors will often run water in each of the sinks throughout the home to see how they drain. While a slow-draining sink could simply be a result of hair that could easily be removed with a drain snake, this problem can also result from a blocked pipe, which is more serious and will be highlighted on the inspection report.

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