Installing A Gun Safe To The Wall: 3 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Location

Did you know that more than one-third of American households own a gun? Although owning a gun may prove to be helpful in protecting your family, it is also your duty to ensure that all firearms are stored properly in a gun safe and away from the reach of children. Gun safes come in many different models and designs; however, gun safes that are installed directly into the wall tend to be some of the sturdiest and most durable options to choose from. These gun safes are also relatively easy to hide as well. If you're interested in installing a gun safe directly into your wall, take a look at these 3 factors that will heavily influence whether the spot you've chosen is the most ideal location possible.

The Underlying Structure and Frame of the Wall

If you plan on installing the gun safe directly into the wall, then you're going to have to check to make sure that there isn't any electric wiring, ductwork, or even plumbing that you need to be wary of. Take a look at the blueprint of your home first to determine whether you can identify any walls that are not riddled with lines. Call an electrician, a heating expert, and a plumber to double check. If you're insistent on installing the gun safe on a certain section or part of the wall, a professional may be able to help you move the lines.

In addition to having to check for lines, you'll also need to consider whether the underlying structure and framework of the walls is sturdy enough to support the weight of the gun safe. You'll need to check whether there are any metal frames in the wall for you to install the bolts that are needed. You also need to determine whether the wall is thick enough to fit the gun safe perfectly.

The Visibility of the Safe and Risk of Theft

Gun safes are often common targets of burglaries and theft, as the criminals generally believe that the gun safe will contain valuable items. With that said, you should highly consider installing the gun safe in a place that cannot be easily found or seen. Consider the visibility of the spot that you've chosen and whether the spot you've chosen might be a place where most thieves and criminals will look. For example, the garage and the bedroom tend to be high-risk areas, although having the gun safe in the master bedroom might be a good choice if you're concerned about the convenience of getting to your guns quickly when you need them.

If you're installing and bolting a gun safe directly into the walls, you can also consider whether there's anything you can do to conceal and hide the gun safe. For example, consider whether you can place a large piece of furniture or even a painting on top of the face of the gun safe in order to cover it up.

The Convenience or Practicality of the Path to Move the Gun Safe In

Most gun safes tend to be rather heavy and difficult to move. Because of this reason, you'll also need to take into account how convenient or practical it may be to move the gun safe to your chosen location to begin with. The size and weight of the gun safe can easily limit or restrict where the safe can be installed. You also need to consider whether you can even clear a path for you to move the gun safe to the desired location.

Before you look at where the gun safe should be installed, you need to carefully measure the dimension of the safe. This should provide you with some insight as to whether there are any areas of the house that can be crossed off the list of possibilities immediately.


Installing a gun safe directly into the wall using bolts can be a very good idea. This not only secures the gun safe and basically renders it impossible to move, but it can also hide the safe from the prying eyes of thieves and criminals and the curious hands and minds of young children. For more information, contact a company like Southern California Security Centers.

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