Garage Water Damage Prevention Methods

When your garage is prone to flooding, this can cause damage to property that is stored within. This is an area of your home that is the most likely to suffer during a flood, so you will need to take steps to protect it.

Use Weatherstripping

Make sure that there is always weatherstripping around the garage door. This will create a tight seal between the garage door and the ground. The weatherstripping can include vinyl stripping or self-adhesive tape. Not only will the weatherstripping protect your home from water, but it will also help maintain the temperature of your home. The weatherstripping needs to be replaced regularly because it will wear down and become less effective overall. 

Install A Driveway Train

Another way to prevent flooding is to install a driveway train. This is a trough that has a grade placed over it. It allows for water to seep into the trough and be carried away. Flood vents may be necessary because even a very durable garage door will not be able to withstand the pressure of several feet of rushing water. The flood vent solves this problem by allowing the water to flow through your garage without causing damage. This can cause the flood waters not to rise, which will keep the water out of your living space. 

Build A French Drain

It is also important to have drainage around your home to keep flood waters away from your garage in the first place. French drains are the most effective installation for carrying flood water away. This will not only protect your garage from water damage, but will protect your foundation and the rest of your home.

Look For Foundation Cracks

Check your foundation to make sure that there are no cracks. The foundation can be an additional place where there can be water infiltration. While you may not notice flooding from small cracks during a light rain, the stronger the downpour, the more that this will cause flooding. 

Hire A Water Damage Restoration Company

If your garage has experienced water damage as a result of a flood, you should hire a water damage restoration company that will be able to repair the damage that has been done. This will help you retrieve more of your belongings than if you were to simply try to repair the damage yourself. Prevention is the best approach, but water damage is sometimes unavoidable. 

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