Tips For Selling Your Home When You Have Dogs, Cats, And Other Household Pets

If you are listing your home for sale and have pets in your home, then it is important for you to realize that they can pose a barrier to potential sales. Though your family's pets are like family members to you, it is important to remember that not all people feel the same way. You can always count on the fact that some of your home's potential buyers will be allergic to pets or disapprove of your letting them into your living space.

To keep your family pets from blocking your home's sale, follow these simple tips:

Tip: Keep Your Cat Boxes Clean and Out of the Way

If you have cats that use a cat box, then you already know that it's a battle to keep it from giving your home an offensive odor. When you are trying to sell your home, you need to make every effort to keep the cat box sparkling clean and odor-free. If possible, you should also move your cat box so that it is located in an out-of-the-way place in your home or garage.

Tip: Clean Your Floors Daily to Remove Hair and Dander

Since animal hair and dander floating around on the air in your home can cause allergic reactions for people looking to purchase your home, you should vacuum your carpets and sweep all tile floors each day. When vacuuming, use a HEPA filter in your vacuum to ensure you aren't putting the allergens back into your home's environment in your vacuum cleaner's exhaust.

Tip: Clean Up All Dog Waste in Your Yard

If one of your potential buyers steps in a pile of dog waste in your yard while looking at your home, then they will likely not submit a purchase offer. To avoid this type of unnecessary situation, make sure that you keep the dog waste cleaned up in your yard. Before you home is shown to buyers, take one last walk around with the shovel and ensure there are no lawn bombs.

Tip: Keep Energetic Pets Away from Home During Showing and Open House Events

Finally, if you have an energetic dog that will jump on visitors or bark at them, then it is imperative that you take steps to remove your dog from the scene during showings and open house events. If your home is having a quick showing, then that makes a great time to take your dog for a short walk around the neighborhood. For longer open house events, take your dog to the dog park or perhaps find a friend or relative who is willing to pet sit for you.

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