4 Major Issues That Can Sabotage The Sale Of A Home

When you're in a rush to sell your home in a retirement community, you may feel like you want to throw in everything, including a new kitchen sink! However, in your rush to sell your home, it's very important that you don't make major mistakes that could inadvertently mislead home buyers about the state of your home or any other aspect of it. Consider these major issues that can sabotage the sale of your home in a 55+ community even after you have an informal agreement with the home buyer.

High-Crime Statistics

Not all home buyers know the crime statistics in the area where their home is for sale, so they may not consider how important this can be to potential home buyers. If you discover that there is a high-crime rate in your area, it's a good idea to have a talk about that with the home buyers as early in the home-selling process as possible.

Damaged Roof

Sometimes an older roof can seem fine at first glance, yet age can take its toll at unexpected times. If one storm comes through that damages the roof even a little bit, it's important to disclose this information right away.

Very Old Plumbing

Plumbing is a pretty important part of any home, and old plumbing can cause a lot of unforeseen problems in a home. Although a potential buyer may adore nearly everything about your home, discovered bad or very old plumbing can be a total deal-breaker. After all, the potential problems that bad plumbing can cause may be major.

Misrepresentation of Your Home

Whatever you do, make sure that your home is not misrepresented in any way. Most real estate agents have encountered sellers who want to exaggerate in some huge way when selling a home, and they will advise against that. It doesn't do you any favors and can actually actively hurt you. Instead, tell the truth. When you point out the bad, you can also emphasize the good. The bad can't be ignored entirely, though.

Finally, keep in mind that honesty is always the best policy when it comes to selling your home. Yes, you want to play up a house's positive aspects at a showing or an open house event, but you also want to represent it fairly and accurately. Learning negative things about your home just before a sale can hurt the situation for both you and your home buyer. It's best to know the information early when you both can do something about it more easily.

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