Making The Most Of A Small Backyard In A Single Family Home

In order to get the house that you love, you may have to make some small sacrifices. In some popular neighborhoods with excellent homes and beautiful surroundings, you may have to deal with a small backyard. If you have purchased the home of your dreams but the backyard is tiny, you can set up the outside so that you have space for the important outdoor activities. Here are some ways to make a small backyard give a great impact on your home enjoyment.

Build a raised deck

 A raised deck offers a second story space to your backyard. Though it can be difficult to have a regular deck in a small backyard, a raised deck offers a double-decker solution. Since this deck will not compromise any of the yard space beneath, you can still have a shaded patio or grassy area in the length of the backyard. Be sure that the posts that are placed in front of the entrance to support the deck are built to hold plenty of weight, and that the slats are thick and unbreakable. 

Stick to one play area

If you have children who need to enjoy your backyard, they may want to have toys in their backyard. One of the ways to decrease the space in an already small backyard is to have toys laying around different areas. Instead of allowing toys everywhere in the backyard, designate a general toy area. Put a toy box or a footlocker in the space to store all toys when they are not in usage. Insist that every time your children head inside, they must clear the backyard of any toys. This will make sure that the backyard space looks larger and less cluttered. Put the toy box against the wall so that it takes up no space. 

Slimline the fence

One of the hidden ways that your backyard can look bulky is because of the fence area. If your fence is large or the slats are wide, the fence may be heavier than it needs to be. This can lead to the backyard looking smaller or the fence actually taking up a few inches of space in backyard width. Restructure your fence so that the fencing is slim. This will allow plenty of light and air to flow through your backyard, making the backyard look larger. Taking advantage of every inch of space will allow you and your family to enjoy your backyard more readily in any of the single family homes that you are in.

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