The Bills You Should Plan For When Renting Your First Apartment

Taking the step of moving out of your parent's house and into your apartment is both exciting and scary for many young people. One of the hardest parts of living in an apartment is having to pay all the bills for the rental unit. The monthly rental payment will typically be the main and largest bill you have, but it's also important to figure in all the other expenses you will have to make sure you can afford renting an apartment at this time. Here are some of the other expenses you may want to figure in as you evaluate this decision.


Every apartment is different when it comes to utilities, and you should find out what utilities you will have to pay for if you are looking at an apartment. You might find out that all the utilities are included in the rent, which is a nice perk of some apartments, or you might find out that none of the utilities are included. If none are included, ask what types you will have and the approximate costs of each. This will help you determine if you can afford the unit.

Cable and Internet

If you plan on spending any time in your apartment, you will probably need to have cable TV and Internet. There are providers that offer package deals for these services, and you may want to compare your options so you can find one that is the most affordable.


If you are used to having a washer and dryer in your home, you might be shocked when you find out how much it can cost to visit a laundromat for these services. Laundry fees can be expensive; however, there are apartments that have washers and dryers in them. If your apartment will not have a washer and dryer, you may want to look into the costs of using machines at a local laundromat.


Most apartment buildings will offer free parking, but there may be some that do not. If you are looking at a building that doesn't offer free parking, you should find out where you can park and how much it will cost before you rent the unit.

Before you move to a new apartment or house, it's always important to carefully consider the expenses you will have so you can know if you can afford it or not. To learn more about apartments for rent near you, contact a property management firm today. 

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