Four Benefits Of Hiring And Working With A Real Estate Agent

The first thing most people think of when they hear "real estate agent" is the expense. Everyone loves to save money and sidestep anything they think will cost them more. However, hiring and working with a real estate agent is actually worth the extra bit of money you spend. Here are four major benefits of having a real estate agent on your side.

Find Your Dream Home Faster

Rather than spend hours pouring over real estate websites and wasting valuable time, the agent can do that for you. He or she can get better results too, since the focus of his/her job is to find that one home that is "the one" for you. You go on with your daily routine while the agent does his/her job and you still get the house you expected to find.

Sell Your Home Faster

Most homeowners who try to sell their homes by themselves to avoid paying agents a commission find that their homes are stuck on the market three times as long as homes sold by an agent. An agent is able to promote the house, show the house, and get people interested in the house using a number of avenues not available to you, the seller. Better still, many agents and agencies offer a sale guarantee of three to six months. If your home is not sold in this time frame, the agent/agency buys it from you.

A Go-Between Negotiator

If you have ever had to haggle price with anyone for anything, it generally does not come out favorably for one party. With a real estate agent acting as your go-between negotiator, you get exactly what you want for the price for which you are willing to settle. It also means that you do not have to keep playing phone tag with a buyer or seller to see how the deal pans out.

Same Trustworthy Person Every Time

Finally, if you went through an agency without hiring a specific agent for your needs, you could get multiple agents trying to vy for your attention. If you hire one in particular, you get the same trustworthy person every time. Every time you call the agency with a question, with an inquiry about this or that property, or whether or not there is any interest this week in your property, the same agent would help. This makes for a very secure and comforting business relationship, one which you may really come to appreciate when your real estate goals are accomplished. Contact an agent, such as Charles L Moles Real Estate Services, for more help.

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