How To Spruce Up Your Property Before A Sale

You don't have to get crazy with your home makeover in order to get a much better selling price than what you're expecting. The goal is to spend a few thousand dollars that gets you a huge jump in asking price. Here are some things you could focus on as part of your efforts.

Replace Plumbing Fixtures

No one wants to use someone else's stained toilet or grimy sink. Replacing your plumbing fixture is a way to refresh the home and make it look like someone's paid attention to maintenance around here. Also invest in drain cleaning; buyers might test out the speed of the plumbing fixtures as a quick way to tell whether the plumbing is going to need work. Best of all, you can actually add a lot of value and elegance to your home if you choose the right plumbing fixtures; a copper sink and a low-flow toilet or customizable shower head will be nice touches.

Brighten the Exterior

Cleaning up the exterior is also one of the first things on your list. You could spend some time scrubbing and brightening your siding, while replacing any areas that have a lot of damage. Another way to brighten the exterior, though, is to change out the color of your doors, window trims, and garage doors. A new garage door is an especially good idea if your system is lagging behind in technology. You could use the new door as an excuse to change the home's exterior appearance by going with a unique color or material for the door.

Upgrade Kitchen Appliances

At the least, consult an appliance repair specialist if your appliances are working suboptimally; that is a selling point you will really be missing out on. Replace any main appliances that have not been performing well or that don't match with the rest of the kitchen. Many first-time homeowners dream of having a big and well-stocked kitchen that they will use to prepare meals for their growing family. Make sure your kitchen is ready to fulfill that dream for your buyer.

Add a Cool Feature

What is the amazing feature of your home that you will cite when you turn down offers that are lower than your asking price? A Jacuzzi would be a great feature that buyers will hang onto when they decide to choose your property over another comparable property, even though it costs more. 

Do you have questions about which upgrades to focus on? Hire a real estate agent. They will give you the most candid advice on how you could improve your property, and their focus will be to prepare you for a quick sale.

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