Seller Protocol during Home Showing: to Stay or Not to Stay?

There is no official etiquette on how to show a home listed for sale to a prospective buyer. Each property has different features, and each buyer has different objectives. After their house is placed on the market, each seller has to decide whether or not to remain on the property during showings of the home.

Unless a house is being sold in an "as is" condition, it is generally better for the seller not to be present during a showing. If the house is in need of repair, your presence might actually enhance the prospect of a sale, with you providing specific information to the buyer about any problems. For most initial house showings, however, a potential buyer should be allowed to objectively explore the property.

Human nature at work

Regardless of how inconspicuous a seller might try to be, their presence around a home can inhibit the behavior of a potential buyer. Even though your real estate agent is working in your best interests, the buyer perceives your agent as more of a tour guide. As such, the buyer is free to make remarks that you might deem as personal slights if you were present. A comfortable home shopper is more likely to continue exploring and develop an appreciation for your property.

Exploration of a potential home

A buyer needs to feel free to open cabinets and enter closets. Because your real estate agent is there also, you can be reasonably certain that your property is safe. Proper precautions taken ahead of time can ensure that small valuables and important documents are not accessible. The longer a prospective buyer remains in your home, the more likely they are to discern a sense of home.

Lingering longer

When the seller remains present during a home showing, a potential buyer may feel like a temporary guest of the current homeowner. Buyers may also sense an obligation to act politely and in a more cautious manner. Married couples are not likely to make any joint decision about a property until both spouses have reached the same conclusion.

If a buyer has questions that your agent is unable to answer, a second showing can be scheduled or your agent can simply give you a telephone call. A plan will need to be made ahead of time if you choose to leave your home during initial showings. If you have pets, they probably need to be taken with you. Before leaving, you can set the stage for a successful home showing by switching on an appropriate balance of lighting.

Considering these aspects will help you to better sell a home.

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