FAQs About The Costs Associated With Selling Your Home

Some homeowners mistakenly believe that they can sell their homes for the cost of a "For Sale" sign that sits in the front yard. Although it is important to have the sign, it is not the only expenses that comes with selling a home. There are many more, and failing to realize this could mean a surprise after the home is placed for sale. To help you avoid shock, here is what you need to know about those costs.

What Expenses Are Possible?

Your real estate commission fees are likely not a surprise, but the amount could be. The amount can vary based on the realtor's contracted fees, but you could pay several thousands. Talk to your realtor about his or her commission percentage before agreeing to the contract. You also need to remember that the fees are deducted from the sale of the home, so you will not need to pay them upfront.

Another expense you could face is staging. Even though you have furniture in your home, your realtor might want to stage the home to maximize its appeal to potential buyers. How much that is spent on staging can vary, but you could pay several hundreds.

The curb appeal can also have a tremendous impact on whether your home sells. If your home's exterior is unappealing, potential buyers could pass on even stopping to view the home. To get your curb appeal up to par, you could easily spend hundreds or thousands on updating the siding, planting trees, and other moves.

What Can You Do to Lower Costs?

Before panicking about the costs of selling your home, you need to take the time to understand the expenses. For instance, paying several thousands to the realtor might seem like a lot, but there are several important services that he or she provides that are included in that fee. Your realtor does everything from photographing the home for listings to setting up and running the tours. His or her services are invaluable.

Instead of focusing on ways to lower the costs, you should talk to your realtor about ways to get the most for your home. For instance, making major repairs can help with the value of your home and could make the difference between your home moving quickly or not. The quicker your home sells, the more of your profit you will have to enjoy.

Work with a realtor, such as one from RE/MAX POSH PROPERTIES, to find other ways to increase the sale price of your home.

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