Brand New Homes: How To Get In On The Ground Floor, Literally

New homes are exciting. They represent new opportunities, new adventures, and new, unexpected events. Homes do not have to be completely new; they just have to be new to you. However, when you want a brand new home, you should get in on the ground floor, literally. Here is how.

Watch for the Development of New Subdivisions

If you do not mind moving to a suburban sprawl, you can watch for the development of new subdivisions. These areas used to be rural and outside the city, but are now becoming part of the suburban extension of the nearest city. Development begins with the creation of roads, courts, etc., and ends with dozens of new homes erected onsite. 

Look for Signs on the Closest and Busiest Road

To gain interest, the owner of the land on which these homes are being built will post a giant billboard closest to the busiest roads. It will announce this or that estates, or some such wording, and display a map of all of the plots into which the land will be divided. Check the map to see which plots might interest you. Then visit that plot to see if it suits you.

Consult with the Real Estate Company or Property Development and Owner

The land will either be owned by a real estate company or a private owner and a property development company. A number or other related advertising should be posted along with the previously-mentioned sign and map of lots. If there is a lot that is of particular interest to you, make sure you make contact with the company, owner, and/or development team right away.

Buying the Lot and Future Housing

Lots are bought and sold, both with and without future housing construction. If you choose to build your own dream house on the lot, you may be able to barter for just the purchase of the lot. Otherwise, the property owners may only sell the lot only if you accept the pre-planned housing construction they intend to build there. If this land will eventually be a gated community, you may be able to select from a couple floor plans, but your home design options may be more limited.

Breaking Ground

After you have put down a down payment on your chosen lot, the seller or real estate agent will give you a date for breaking ground. Some of these subdivision developments prefer that you break ground by a specific date so that development is continuous and the community is finished within a specific time frame. (Either way, you should be present when the excavation team begins because it is a moment in life like no other.)

New Construction for the Next Year

The construction on your brand new home may take up to a year or more, depending on the weather and seasonable conditions. Once it is complete and finally passes all ordinances, regulations, and building codes, you can move in. Enjoy that fresh new home smell for the next six months; the smell of wood, paint, etc. lingers only so long.

Check with Real Estate Agencies for New Land Developments

If you are having a hard time finding fresh, new land to turn into a brand-new home, consult with a real estate agent. They have access to a vast database of properties that are either currently under development or will begin breaking ground in the not-too-distant future. Then you can visit these properties to see if any of them suit you. Be sure to ask about pre-planned housing on these properties if you expect to build your own house using your own floor plans.

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