The Top Five Amenities You Should Look For In An Apartment And Why

Moving out on your own for the first time? There are a lot of apartments to look at and view.  You first have to decide how close to Mom and Dad you want to be, and then start looking for apartment rentals in that area. You should also know that there are five top amenities that every young adult needs in an apartment. If you can find and afford a place with these amenities, that is the place you should rent:


Do not be the type of young adult that goes home to Mom and Dad to do laundry. Instead, find an apartment that either has laundry facilities in the corridor, basement, or inside the apartment. Then you can stay home to do laundry and not worry about waiting around a creepy laundromat either.

On the Bus Route

Cars break down and rent has to be paid. What will you do to get to work if you do not have a car? Look for an apartment on the city bus route. Better still, get an apartment on the bus route that stops right near your apartment building and drops off right near work.

Stove, Refrigerator, and Air Conditioner

You need a stove or microwave to cook. You definitely need a refrigerator. Make sure your apartment has some sort of cooking appliance and a fridge. As for air conditioning, this is a luxury, but a worthwhile one to get. Imagine stuffing twenty-plus people in an apartment building. Now imagine how hot that gets in the summer months. You will be very glad you have an apartment with an air conditioner.

Locked Garage and Parking Space or Storage Space

Apartment complexes are not always in the best parts of town. Make sure your apartment has a lockable storage unit and/or a locked garage and parking space so that you can store your extra stuff safely. Decide ahead of time which option is more important to you. Then get an apartment with that option.

Security Features on the Building

Security is everything when you live in close quarters with dozens of people. Make sure your building has security features at the front door. No one gets in or out unless buzzed in by the door. If you can find an apartment with security cameras that work, that is even better. You do not want to open your door and get blitzed from behind with no proof.

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