A House With A Yard: Choosing The Right Land For You

For many people, more yard is often better, but if you have never had a house with a larger bit of land with it, you might not know what to expect. When in the market for acreage, here are some things to keep in mind.

Trees or No Trees

When looking at real estate for sale with acreage, it's important to check on the state of those acres. Wide open space with few trees generally means more maintenance, but it also means more useable space for pasturing animals, growing vegetables, or beginning a small hobby farm. Having more trees reduces the amount of grass you need to mow, and trees can be a safe play space for children. More trees also can make your land look more beautiful if the trees are well cared for. 


Some of the most desirable acreages are close to town with beautiful landscaping and easy highway access. However, these are often more costly because of location. You might look for something a little less accessible to cut down on costs, but you also want to make sure that driving out to your house doesn't become a burden for you. Gravel roads can sometimes be hard to drive on in the winter time, and they may not be as well maintained. 


Any amount of land requires a little more work than a typical American backyard. However, you can always see acreage in varying degrees of "finished" state. Check to see if landscaping has been done, if any fruit trees have been planted, if any outbuildings have been built, or if any fencing has been put up. If you hope to keep some animals, having some fencing already there is nice to take some initial expense and work off your shoulders. Fruit trees require more maintenance, but an established garden space means you don't have to break ground for one yourself. When looking at what a property offers, filter it through the lens of what work it will add or save you from doing. 

Too Much or Too Little

Finally, it's important to realize that you can bite off more than you can chew. Some people overestimate how much land they want or need, and end up struggling to care for the property as the years go buy. Be honest with your own abilities, work schedule, and finances. Smaller chunks of land (one or two acres) are easier to maintain than larger ones (five to ten or more). 

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