Spend The Weekend Fishing: Where To Buy A Vacation Home Close To Manhatttan If You Love To Fish

If you love to fish, and you live and work in Manhattan, and you are also in the market for a new vacation home, then you are probably looking to pick a spot that is close to home and yet also affords you the joy of fishing. This is something that you love so much, it makes sense to pick out a vacation home in a spot that would be convenient to fishing. Luckily, there are lots of nice towns that are close enough to Manhattan that you can spend the weekend fishing without having to buy a plane ticket to some faraway local. There are spots that afford you deep sea fishing, as well as spots that offer trout fishing because of the cool streams and brooks. Here are some places to check out.

Glen Cove, Long Island

If you love deep sea fishing, then you should really look to Long Island. This is one of the best places on the east coast for deep sea fishing enthusiasts. You are right at the edge of the country, and you have easy access to lots of marinas and charter boats that will take you out into the ocean and let you enjoy fishing for shark, bluefin, and lots of other exotic fish. The town has some really nice bungalows as well as some condos if you are not interested in getting a stand alone home. Plus, its super easy to get to Manhattan, you can just take the Long Island Rail Road. This makes it perfect for anyone who doesn't drive and does not want to get a vacation home outside of the city that is only reachable by car.

Rye, Westchester

Another nice area to consider is in Westchester. This is a perfect getaway for people who want to have a vacation home that is super convenient to Manhattan, and are also not interested in very remote area. Rye is just relaxed and suburban enough to provide an escape from the city without having to be too remote for your needs. There are lots of cool restaurants and other enjoyable things to do. Also, it's right on the water and you can take a boat out and fish the Long Island Sound. Its also an easy commute to Manhattan via the Metro North.

Middletown, Orange County

If you are more interested in river fishing, and you would like to go fly fishing for trout, then look north of the city towards Middletown. This is a big town located in Orange County and it puts you right near several fantastic rivers, namely the Deleware river. This is home to some of the countries best trout fishing. You will likely want to have a car as some of the trout fishing spots are remote, but the great thing about Middleton is that, while it's near big forests and rivers, it also has lots of supermarkets and restaurants, so you can enjoy the night when you are done fishing. It's also not too far from Manhattan, so you could drive up after work on Friday and be set to go out fishing early Saturday morning and not be exhausted.

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