What To Do When You Discover Rodents In Your House

If you've ever had the experience of casually cooking a late night meal, only to watch as a rodent scurries across the floor, you know just how unsettling the scenario can be. Few people want their home to serve as a hotel for an unwanted guest, and your main objective is to issue an eviction notice to the critter. Getting rid of the food supply is the first step, so you want to start making sure that you don't leave leftover morsels out. However, there are some additional measures you should consider taking as well. The information listed below can be the key to helping you get rid of your rodent problem for good.

Do A Little Detective Work

When you find a mouse or rat in your house it's vital for you to figure out how they got in. This is not only good for your own peace of mind, but it can also help you determine what you need to do to prevent the same issue from happening in the future.

To find the entry point you're going to need to do a bit of detective work. Start with a thorough evaluation of the lowest levels of your home. On a dark and clear night, turn the lights on in your house and go outside. Carefully walk around the entire baseline of your property to see if there are spots where the indoor light is shining through. Even if the crack looks like it would be too small for a rodent to get through, you should still seal it up. Mice can shrink themselves down an amazing amount when they want to get into a tight spot. 

You can use something as simple as a tube of caulking to close off those small openings in the walls of your home. 

Consider Getting A New Pet

As a child, you may have seen cartoons which featured a cat who would spend a large amount of time in pursuit of a mouse. Although it might seem like make-believe, it's actually quite true. Getting a cat could be a great way for you to rid your home of rodents. Just don't be surprised if they happen to walk up to you with the critter in their paw!

If you've done everything you can possibly do it's time to call a pest control expert. They'll be able to offer a professional evaluation of your unique situation and craft a tailor-made solution that works. Visit a site like http://www.dontgivepestsachance.com/ for more help.

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