4 Features To Demand When Looking At Apartments For A Senior

A young adult who just graduated high school is going to have different wants and needs compared to a senior who is looking for an apartment to live in. If you are helping out a friend or relative, and looking for a senior-friendly apartment, you should put time and effort into finding an apartment for rent that will provide them with a positive and accommodating living experience.

Ground Floor

When you are young, fit, and active, you may not have much trouble going up and down stairs, even when you are carrying several bags of groceries. But, finding an apartment for a senior means that you should prioritize ground floor apartments to minimize any physical strain.

A ground floor apartment makes it possible for your friend or relative to park in their parking spot and walk into their unit without having to go up any stairs or steps. This kind of setup also makes it possible to use wheeled shopping carts to bring items from the car to the apartment easily.


Another detail that you will want to look at is where the mailbox is located. Since apartment complexes can range from small to enormous, you want to do everything that you can to find a unit in which the mailbox is close and easily accessible. If your friend or relative uses a walker, wheelchair, or crutches, you may want to avoid apartments with small and narrow mailrooms.

This is when you will benefit from finding mailboxes in a large lobby or open area. Also, making sure the mailroom does not require going up or down steps is another essential quality.


With some apartment complexes, a dedicated parking spot may not be automatically included with renting a unit. You may need to get on a waiting list until you can get a dedicated spot. If you know that it would be a major inconvenience for your friend or relative to park far away, you should make sure to ask about dedicated parking availability and locations early on.


An apartment with a hallway, doorways, and spacious rooms is perfect for a senior because it prevents them from having trouble getting around the entire unit. A narrow entrance will make it tough for someone using a walker or wheelchair to get inside quickly and comfortably. So, you will want to go on a tour of each unit that meets the other qualities that you are looking for.

Focusing on these features will help you find an apartment that is ideal for a senior.

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