Features To Look For In A Home With Good Resale Value

Are you thinking of buying a single-family home that you plan to sell within the next couple of years? If so, then you want to ensure you buy a home with good resale value. This is actually much easier when you sell within a few years of buying since trends will not have changed so much and buyers will still be looking for a lot of the same things in a home. With that noted, here are some things to look for in a home that you plan on reselling soon.

Three or more bedrooms.

Most people who are shopping for a home will be looking for one with three or more bedrooms. So even if you can make do with just two bedrooms, aim to buy a home with three. You'll have a much easier time finding a buyer, and you may get several bids — whereas a home with only two bedrooms is a niche find that may only get one or two offers. You can use that spare bedroom as an office or for storage.

A good location.

If you'll be reselling the home, don't buy one in an "up and coming" neighborhood. If the neighborhood does not improve as fast as you'd like or it takes a backslide, the home won't hold its value. Instead, look for a home in a safe, established neighborhood that has not changed a lot in the last decade and probably won't change much in the coming years, either. A neighborhood near the thruway entrance and within easy reach of the grocery store, gas stations, and other conveniences is a good choice.

Good bones.

The "bones" of the home are things that would be really expensive to fix. This includes the foundation, the windows, the HVAC system, and the plumbing. If you buy a home that needs work on any of these primary items, then expect to make some replacements or repairs in order to ensure the home needs the value. So you're better off buying a home in which all of these components are in great shape — and will be for another five or more years.

Spacious living and dining areas.

Open floor plans are pretty trendy these days, and this trend is likely here to stay. People enjoy not feeling like they are cramped into one room! Thus, a home with a lot of open living and dining space is a better option than one with a more traditional, closed-off layout. 

Look for the qualities above, and you shouldn't struggle to sell your home for a fair price in a couple of years. 

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