What To Bring To A Holiday Vacation Rental Home

You might normally stay in a nice hotel or bed and breakfast when you are on vacation, but this time you decided to rent a holiday home. You get to have the whole home to yourself and it's like being at home while away.

While packing there are a few items you need to remember to bring with you on your trip. It's not like at a hotel where everything is prepared for you. Here are some items to bring with you to your holiday home rental.

Linens and Bath Towels

Some vacation homes will provide linens and towels but it's a good idea to bring them anyway just in case. While many places do provide bath towels for their guests, others may not and you might want your own anyway. Kitchen towels are usually a must, even if you aren't cooking. They come in handy to dry your hands without having to go into the bathroom.

Linens for the beds are a good idea. Not all holiday rentals provide this and you might like to have your own sheets too. Also, don't forget to bring your own pillow. Most vacation rentals provide pillows but you might not like it and therefore won't get a good sleep.

Cooking Tools

You might want to do some cooking at your holiday home rental, and many will provide basic cooking tools for you. Most likely the home will have pots and pans, plates, cups, and cutlery. If you want to do something fancier though, you might have to bring your own cookware.

You may want to bring a colander if you are going to make pasta, good knives for cutting meat like steak and even potholders or oven mitts. Also, if the home has a BBQ ask if it's gas or charcoal one and if the charcoal is provided. If not, make sure you have some with you as well as BBQ cooking tools.

Cleaning Supplies

Most holiday homes won't have cleaning supplies on hand, so you might want to bring some with you. While the owner will most likely prepare and clean the home before you get there and then after you leave, you might want to clean up after spills or showers on your own.

You should bring paper towels and tissues and don't forget toilet paper. You could bring hand soap — either bar soap or liquid. Also, dish soap if you are going to cook, cleaning spray for showers and counters, and even laundry soap if you are going to do laundry.

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