4 Overlooked Home Repair Tasks That Make It Hard To Sell Your Home

You have chosen to sell your home, and now, all those small repair tasks that you may have neglected are pretty much staring at you accusingly. Truth be told, there are actually certain repair issues that can really get in the way when a prospect comes to see your home for the first time. Here is a look at some of those issues.

1.  Broken or Dysfunctional Gutters 

Broken or dysfunctional gutters are really not that hard to fix. Gutters are relatively inexpensive, and anyone with a ladder can usually mend problems that come up. If you do not take the time to repair something like a sagging gutter or a gutter that is overfilled with leaves and debris, it can really bad in the eyes of a prospect. The interested party may feel like you are not a very attentive homeowner because gutters are such a simple issue to fix, so be sure to mend any broken gutters.

2. A Problematic Fireplace 

Having a fireplace is one of the most desirable attributes in a home listing. If you have a fireplace and include it in the real estate listing, this is something buyers will want to see. If they have to be told the fireplace does not work, it can really affect how they view the house as a whole. It is best to do whatever you must to make sure the fireplace is working properly before you ever mention there is a fireplace in the house.

3. Broken Window Glass

A misguided baseball, a tire-flung rock, a hailstone—glass panes can be broken for all kinds of reasons. With the modern window often having multiple glass panes and layers of glass, it is easy to disregard making repairs. However, if you intend to sell your home, make certain you get this glass repaired. Broken glass can make it look like the home has been vandalized and may not be the safest place to live. 

4. Issues On the Roof 

Maybe you have a few missing asphalt shingles, or perhaps you have a few dents in the metal roof from a limb that fell a few years back. These kinds of issues can be highly noticeable in the critical eyes of a prospective buyer. Roof issues can actually make a buyer feel a bit uneasy because the roof is such a major protective implement of the entire structure. If you have to hire a pro to fix these kinds of problems, it is best to go ahead and do so.

For more information about selling your home and what may affect your chances of selling, contact a local real estate agent.

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