Downsizing Into An Apartment? Tips For Selecting One That Will Feel Comfortable And Homey

There are many instances in life that call for changes in living arrangements, some of which may involve giving up the single-family home in favor of apartment living. Some of these reasons might include the loss of a spouse or partner, an empty nest, or when age, infirmities, or financial issues make it difficult to maintain a larger home.

Those who are faced with downsizing into an apartment are often concerned about whether they will be able to feel comfortable in a smaller home with dozens of close neighbors after living for years in a larger, single-family residence. If you will be moving into an apartment soon and share these concerns, here are some search tips you can use to help you find the comfort and privacy you crave. 

Look at smaller complexes

Large, modern apartment complexes are typically built to maximize each square foot of space. While these units are usually attractive, they can feel compressed and somewhat cookie-cutter in design, causing some prospective tenants to see them as less comfortable and home-like than they would like. 

Tenants who feel this way may find more suitable apartment options by searching for smaller complexes or even older homes that have been renovated and divided into a few apartments. These smaller apartment complexes can offer features that more closely remind tenants of life in a single-family home, such as private entrances and larger windows. 

Look for units with laundry hookups

Carting laundry back and forth to a communal laundry area is a normal part of the apartment experience for many tenants today. But for those who have previously occupied their own single-family home, lacking the convenience of their own personal laundry area can become a major source of discontent.

Searching for an apartment that offers in-unit laundry appliances or hookups will add much-appreciated convenience and help you more easily make the move from living in a single-family home to living in a smaller apartment. 

Consider complex types 

Another difficulty in moving from a single-family home to an apartment often involves losing the relationships you had built with long-time neighbors. A good way to combat this problem is to consider looking for an apartment complex that caters to your age or lifestyle. 

For example, older apartment hunters may feel instantly more at home in senior apartment complexes where the majority of tenants are of similar age and have had similar life experiences. 

Finding an apartment that truly feels like home will help to ensure that your downsizing will be a more positive experience. To learn more search tips and get information on available apartments in your area, take time to contact a reputable real estate professional or property manager in your area.  

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