Do You Need A Realtor When Buying A Home?

You've got the money to put down on a home and you're eager to go home shopping, but you might need more than that to have a great experience. Having a realtor by your side will help make finding a home easier, and will make putting an offer on one and then doing the paperwork that goes along with it easier still.

Do you need a realtor when buying a home? They only make money when you buy a home, and they do much of the work for you. Plus, you have a real estate agent ready to serve you should you choose to put your home on the market in the future.

Yes, you can buy a home without using a realtor, but having one is certainly helpful. If you aren't convinced, use this guide to help you out. You'll learn why having a top realtor for you when buying a home is well-worth it.

You have someone to help you with getting showings

Do you want to look at a home but don't know who to talk to or how to arrange one? Do you want to be made aware of open houses and other things that are important when looking at homes? Do you want a private viewing of a home that has a renter or the owner still living in it? A realtor who represents you makes the calls and does the scheduling for you, all on a time that works best for your needs.

You have someone to help you with making offers

When you put an offer on a home, the homeowner then denies the offer outright, counteroffers, or just accepts your offer as-is. Any circumstance can be nerve-wracking and leave you wondering what to do next. Your realtor looks over the paperwork and helps you understand what a counteroffer entails or gives you insight as to why an offer might be rejected — you can always put in a new offer based on your realtor's advice. You can also learn how to move forward once your offer is accepted, because this is when things can get quite exciting but also very detailed.

Your real estate agent works hard for you up until your home has been closed on and keys are in your hands. They may even give you additional assistance in locating carpet cleaning companies or dealing with some odds and ends at the end of your sale should you move in and things are not exactly as you expected them to be.

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