Don't Dismiss Bay Colony Homes For Sale

If you are in the market to buy a new home, do not overlook bay colony homes for sale. While many people feel these communities are only for the very affluent, it is possible to find moderately priced properties in the community. Just like everywhere else, you have the option of choosing to live in a condo, a villa, a single-family home, or a more estate-like property. talk with a real estate agent to find out what is available. Be prepared to discuss the following when you first meet with the agent.

Type of Housing

As mentioned above, bay colony homes for sale come in many types. While you may be fine with a condo if you are retired or single, you may want to consider something larger or more apart from neighbors if you have children. Of course, if you plan on entertaining frequently, even as a retiree, something that shares a wall with your neighbors may not be best for you.


Not all bay colony homes sit directly on the water. If you do not have any watercraft you may find you can save money by purchasing a property that has no water access. You will still be able to see the water and access it in the different public areas but won't have to worry about a child falling in the water or damage to your property from waves or high water levels. In addition, you may want to have a home closer to the public facilities the community offers. If they have a gym or recreation center of some type living near it could be a good or bad thing depending on your wants and activities. If there is a golf course in the community, living on the course can be very relaxing and provide a great place for evening walks after golfing hours.

Housing prices all over the country are rising. While you may think bay colony homes for sale are all out of your reach, you may be surprised. Contact a real estate agent who has a few of these properties for sale and discuss what it is you are hoping for. These agents can not only sell the properties they have listed, but also any other home on the market. They will be able to find the perfect home for you and your family and quite possibly it will be one in the bay colony area.

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